Other Artists

HEARTWEAR DESIGNS carries the work of Marcy Feldman, as well as other talented jewelry and glass artists who are selected for their excellence in composition and craftsmanship.

Photo of work by Biba Design

Biba Design

A wonderfully creative Michigan artist working in gemstone beads. Timeless classics interpreted in luminous pearls, brilliant gemstones and precious metals. Designs that have an elegance and style, sure to be as relevant tomorrow as they are today.
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Photo of work by Lisa D'Agostino

Lisa D'Agostino

Bold architechtural jewelry designs in sterling silver and 18k gold. Lisa's pieces are informed by geometry and architecture but tempered by the poetic and philosophical aspects presented by astronomy. She ponders a phrase from an old sixties song... "we are stardust - billion year old carbon."
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Photo of work by Sara Miller

Sara Miller

Sara Miller, originally from Mexico, creates intricate beaded jewelry incorporating buttons and semi-precious stones. She says, "I love the process of discovering media and materials. Each time I venture into a new medium or a new material I must work with it while I let it speak to me of it's capacities and possibilities.
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Photo of work by Carol Rock

Carol Rock

Michigan mixed media artist Carol Rock first came into the store with crocheted hearts for the wall. She has created little pin cushion chairs from cans, and beautiful pearl jewelry which she crochets into necklaces. We never know what she will bring!
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Photo of work by Barbara Silberstein

Barbara SilverStein

Jewelry that is timelessly elegant while architecturally classic. "As a designer whose strength is minimal architectural classic lines - my response to the purity of the intrinsic beauty of braided stainless steel was immediate and total. Standards for excellence include achieving total comfort while maintaining exquisite craftsmanship. The finished result is both timeless and maintenance free."
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Photo of work by Mark Sudduth

Mark Sudduth Glass

Mark J. Sudduth is a 1983 Graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. His work consists of hand blown and sculptural glass. "I work with thick glass because it exhibits some qualities which interest me—depth, transparency, reflection and refraction. Strong form is also of importance and is something that I strive for."
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Photo of work by James Wilbat

James Wilbat Glass

James Wilbat studied water color and drawing as a youngster - as early as the 5th grade. His unique colorful artworks, which he describes as a combination of Old World Glass and contemporary design, reflects his love of Abstract Expressionist painting.
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Photo of work by Andrew Wu

Andrew Wu Glass

Andrew Wu is a Michigan artist. "My training as a classical violinist has given me a unique perspective when working with glass. There are many similarities between the creation of a blown glass piece and performing a musical composition. With attention to tempo, rhythm and phrasing, greater insight into the medium is possible, as well as a unique glass composition."
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